Lamoille County Field Days

Fair Policies

All persons visiting the Lamoille County Field Days are responsible to abide by the following rules:

  • Direct any concerns, complaints, or suggestions to the Main Office.
  • NO alcoholic beverages are allowed on the Field Days grounds.
  • All property brought on the Lamoille County Field Days grounds by any person, and for any purpose, is subject to these rules.
  • Lamoille County Field Days is a non-profit, community event.  All persons entering the Field Days grounds agree to hold Lamoille County Field Days, its Officers, Directors, and Employees harmless from any loss, damage or injury, and will refrain from bringing any lawsuit against them in the event such an incident occurs.
  • Begging, soliciting, or creating a general nuisance are positively prohibited.
  • All vehicles will park in designated areas only. No vehicles are permitted to park, or stand in, any road or walkway of the fairgrounds.  Such vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • No one other than the judges are permitted to enter the area or ring where stock is judged.
  • Dogs and other pets are not permitted on the Field Days grounds.  Do not leave any animals in your car! 
  • It is recommended that the person responsible for any animal brought on the fairgrounds have proof of rabies vaccination with them.
  • Anyone not abiding by these rules, or not acting responsibly, will be asked to leave immediately by a Director, Security, or other Authorized Personnel.

MissingLost Child Protocol (Code Adam):

  • A missing child is a child who has been separated from his/her parent/guardian during the fair. A missing child is not a child who was dropped off for the day and now the parent is trying to locate him/her. Click here to view our protocol.